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Why I am a Chiropractor...

Because I honor the inborn potential of everyone to be truly healthy. Because I desire to help the newborn, the aged & those without hope. Because I choose to care for the patient with the disease, not the disease. Because I wish to assist rather than intrude; To free rather than control. Because I seek to correct the cause, not its effect. Because I know doctors do not heal, only the body can heal itself. Because I have been called to serve others. Because I want to make a difference. Because everyday I get to witness miracles. Because I know it's right! - D.D. Palmer

Chiropractic is...

Performance on every level-- physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual--is dependent upon the proper balance of body chemistry. Our ability to work well and relate well with others is controlled by chemicals and by nerve impulses. The control mechanism of the brain maintains the body chemistry in harmony and regulates the production of the glands. In order for this control mechanism to be maintained, there are bones of the spine which keep the nerve channels protected. The glands can then make the right chemicals in proper balance and you can perform at your peak level.

The vertebral subluxation occurs when one or more bones of the spine slip slightly out of place. The vertebrae can no longer move freely the way they are supposed to, resulting in loss of communication between the brain and the glands that make the chemicals. The control mechanism is gone the chemical balance is gone and performance drops. Unless this is corrected, you can never function properly again. When body chemistry is out of balance, nothing works well--you can't sleep well, you can't work well.

The chiropractic adjustment restores to the body the freedom to move its vertebrae to where they belong so that your performance levels can get back to where they belong. Once body chemistry is back, you can perform optimally on all levels. And this allows the nerves to heal and to open up the nerve channels for optimum health.

Suggestions to follow during Chiropractic care

Rest, Relaxation, and Sleep

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