Chiropractic Terms:


From Greek, meaning "done by hand."

The science and art concerned with the relationship between the spinal column, joints of the body, and nervous system as it affects the maintenance and restoration of health. The hands are used to correct and adjust malfunctioning or misaligned vertebrae or joints.

Subluxation: A fixation, malfunction, or structural misalignment of the vertebrae or joints that results in an alteration of the normal mechanical and neurological functions of the body. A subluxation may not always produce pain or discomfort, but is always an unhealthy condition.

Adjustment: The Chiropractic procedure used to eliminate or reduce a subluxation. An adjustment restores proper position, and normal mechanical and neurological function to the vertebrae and joints of the body. Adjustments are vital for the optimal health of the body.

Release: The characteristic sound produced when an adjustment is made. It is the result of compressed gases being released from the abnormal pressures inside the fixated and malfunctioning vertebrae or joints. Rather than being called a "pop" or "crack", it is correctly referred to as a "release".

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